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Wisconsin students collect medals at summer speech contest

University of Wisconsin-Madison students garnered big wins, including three first-place awards, at the 2011 Chinese Speech Contest for Summer Programs in China, held this July at Peking Normal University.

Contest participants hailed from major American university summer programs held in Beijing and Tianjin, including Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, the University of Mississippi, the Inter-University Program (IUP), the Council for Educational Travel (CET), the Alliance Critical Languages Scholarship Program (Alliance-CLS), and our own UW-Madison. Tenri University from Japan also participated in the contest.

Altogether 125 contestants from 12 programs competed for the first, second, and third place awards in six different categories.

UW-Madison Professor Hong-ming Zhang, who directs the UW-Tianjin (China) Summer Program, reported that UW-Madison won the three categories in which it participated.  That includes:
- Mark Troianovski (First place at the non-heritage intermediate level of Group A)
- Jae Sang Lee (First place at the non-heritage intermediate level of Group B)
- John Prusynski (First place at the non-heritage advanced 1 level)
- Richard Young (Second place at the non-heritage intermediate level of Group A)
- Hyun Jae Nam (Second place at the non-heritage intermediate level of Group B)
- Alicia Montague-keels (Third place at the non-heritage advanced 1 level)

“We are very proud of our UW students,” said Professor Zhang.  “All these 1st places together with other two 2nd places and one 3rd place we got made us the best team and biggest winner of the competition this year! “

The UW-Tianjin Summer Program is now in its eighth year and for 2011 involved 60 students participating in intensive language training for 10 weeks, taught by instructors from Nankai University.

“The success on this (speech contest) event reflects the high teaching standard and overall strength of our program,” said Professor Zhang.  “This result could not have been achieved without the joint efforts of our students, teachers, and program assistants. Our local instructors and TAs devoted huge amounts of time and resources to work with our students. We also selected outstanding tutors among graduate students of Nankai University and Tianjin Normal University to strengthen the after-class training portion of the program. Tianjin Normal University also provided us with the best living conditions and administrative assistance. With all the support from these local partners, we were able to implement our teaching principles and practices successfully.”

1st row from left to right are: Hongming Zhang, Richard Young, Hyun Jae Nam, Alicia Montague-keels, Emily Carter, Hye Eun Choi. 2nd row from left to right are: Mark Troianovski, John Prusynski, Jae Sang Lee and Logan Viegut.