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There are many ways for students and community members to get involved with China on campus! Explore how below.


Do you have an event you would like to share with the UW-Madison community? Share an event with our Chinese Badger Network and help support our UW-China community. Contact Laurie Dennis with event details.

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Former Chancellor David Ward with 3M China's president Ken Yu at a meeting in Shanghai, June 2012.


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Faculty from UW-Madison, Harvard and the Chengdu Institute of Biology spoke at a panel on "Ecology, Conservation and Climate in Western China," held November 2013 at UW-Madison's School of Human Ecology.


Are you interested in seeing what is happening within the UW-Madison community? See our listing of partnered and sponsored events within the Chinese Badger Network.

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Raise the profile of your organization through a partnership or sponsorship of a campus festival, exhibit or performance. To discuss potential collaborations, contact Laurie Dennis at 608-262-3643.