Jinjin Li’s path through Madison to a legal career in the U.S.

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Nienhauser receives Special Book Award of China honor

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The UW-Madison's circa 1925 Chinese Students Club

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Sprin Semester 2022 Events:

Tue Apr 26, 10 am. Webinar on Chinese linguistics, “Interactional Rituals in Chinese: politeness and other cultural rituals from the perspective of linguistics” by Dániel Z. Kádár, director of the Center for Pragmatics Research of Dalian University of Foreign Languages.

Fri Apr 22, 1 pm. Webinar on Chinese art history, “Book Launch: Julia Murray in Conversation with James Robson.”

Tue Apr 19, 4 pm. Webinar on Chinese literature by Laurence Coderre, “Newborn Socialist Things: Materiality in Maoist China.”

Mon Apr 11, 4 pm, Ingraham 206. Lecture on premodern Chinese history by Brigid Vance, Lawrence University, “A Late Ming Toolkit for Dream Divination.”

Sat Apr 9, 1:45 pm, Ingraham 206. The annual Trans Asia Graduate Student Conference will feature a keynote talk by Chinese literature professor Paola Iovene, University of Chicago, “Microtemporalities of China’s Transitional Cinema around 1979.”

Wed Mar 9, 7 pm: Midwestern Professionalization Seminar for East Asian Studies: Careers in Government, WEBINAR panel with OSU and IU, featuring Nathan Bland, Department of State and Sue Mi Terry, a former senior analyst on Korean issues with the CIA. Second of three events in this series.