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Major campus events coordinated by the Wisconsin China Resource have included:

  • The Red Cap Lecture Series on China & Global Economics, 2014-18, funded by Wade and Bev Fetzer, and featuring talks on China’s economy by Stephen Roach (alum and former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia), Nicholas Lardy (alum and senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics), Yao Yang (alum and dean of the National School of Development at Peking University) and William Overholt (Harvard).
  • Collaborations with the Chazen Museum of Art to offer student translators for two major art exhibitions (Xu Bing’s “Background Story” in 2016, and “Contemporary Chinese Art” in 2015), and partnering with the School of Human Ecology to bring a 2013 photography exhibit on Sichuan, “Evolving Landscapes,” to campus.
  • Screening of the PBS documentary “The Chinese Exclusion Act” in 2017 along with a panel discussion with the filmmakers. Attendance of about 200 for this series of events.

New Chinese Student Welcome Sessions

The Wisconsin China Resource launched a new, China-based “student welcome” program in 2017, designed to encourage new students preparing for the fall semester at UW-Madison to take ownership of their undergraduate years, including overcoming language and culture barriers, participating in the campus community and joining classroom discussions.  Spring sessions were held in Shanghai and Beijing in 2017-19, in collaboration with campus student organizations.

The Mendota Project

Students have long used the poetic phrase 梦到她, pronounced “meng-dao-ta” and translating to “dreaming of her,” to refer to Lake Mendota, a favorite campus hangout.  Through the Mendota Project, the Wisconsin China Initiative seeks to document the rich history between the UW and China through student research projects, print and web publications and more.  See the History tab to learn more about this project.

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